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With sixteen years of part time rifle building, full time LEO, and SWAT armorer RD Precision has the experience to know what works and what will leave you lacking.


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I'm more than pleased with the work I had done by Randy at RD Precision, in that all work was of excellent quality and value. Randy's attention to detail is second to none; the fit and finish on my rifles are excellent. Randy has also installed his bolt knob for a friend of mine, and my friend is extremely happy with the work on his bolt. I will continue to entrust my rifles to RD Precision in the future. Thanks again Randy.

Camarillo | CA

Randy has been a great help with a couple of my projects. He shortened and re-crowned an AR15 barrel for me a while back. It turned out great. The biggest thing he did for me was on my little bolt rifle. I couldn’t quite get my Moly-resin to cure correctly and sent the barrel action to him. While it was there he installed one of his bolt knobs and recoated everything. His work was excellent and was back to me in a week. He even offered some tips and advice on the coating process. R&D Precision will be getting more work from me in the future.

Chris S | Rutherfordton, NC

Time to brag on the job Randy just did for me! I sent him the barreled action and ugly painter stock. He added bolt knob, pillar bedded, replaced ugly screws, coated metal and camoed the stock. Turned out GREAT!.

Bill | Virginia

I had a really good experience with Randy. It was all face to face since I live an hour and a half away. He coated my 6.5x55 Mauser and it came out great.

Jer | Santa Clara, CA

I will vouch for Randy's work anytime. last year I sent him vsl that I picked up from a guy who had done a dremel job on it and Randy turned it into a heavy varminter of my dreams. Full true and rebarrel job, bolt handle mod, stock duracoated and barreled action molly coated. The work speaks for itself. What doesn't speak for itself, and I am glad to do, is Randy's customer service. He has the ability to help a customer figure out what they need and want. I am new to long range shooting and this was my first "real" rifle. I knew what I wanted the rifle to do but not how to get there and Randy guided me through all the decisions not only quickly and competently but in a way that didn't make me feel like an idiot. All of this and at prices and timetables that are almost impossible to beat.

Ker2222 | Sniper's Hide

Randy did the truing work, bolt mod and moly on my 700. Great guy to work with and great value!

Gunhog | South Dakota

I first used Randy to put a Vais brake on my 7mag and adjust the trigger. He did a fine job. I then acquired a 700VS which I sent to him to cut/recrown barrel, add his bolt knob, adjust the trigger and make it purdy. Again, excellent work, fair pricing, quick turn time and good advice.

SomeGuy | Sniper's Hide

I Randy has done great by me. My .300 RUM shoots so well you would have to see it to believe! He also turn my 22-250 into a great shooter as well!

MJF | Sniper's Hide